Sage FAS Asset Accounting – Data Schema Upgrades?

There are a lot of old Best/Sage FAS users out there that have never kept up with their Sage Support annual maintenance. This tends to be an issue when they decide to get their data back into the Sage FAS Asset Accounting solution – 3 years or so later.

The problem is that you can’t just take your current (let me just throw a version out there) data that is stuck in a FAS time warp of v2001.1, install new version of Sage FAS 2009.1.1 and roll with it. Their will be no wa-la! You need to take that data through – what we call – a version schema upgrade. To do this, you need all (or at least most) of the versions in between then and now. Trouble with is, Sage only provides v2007.1 and newer to support members.

Good news! Paragon Systems can assist you with your data schema upgrade for a nominal fee. Yes, we are such Sage FAS nerds (sshhhhhh) that we have the complete Best/Sage FAS library from v98.1 (OMG). You NEED help… we CAN help.

It’s important to take your data through this process to ensure all data tables are properly updated and restored to current version. If you don’t do this, you can cause serious corruption to your critical fixed asset data. Yikes! Don’t mess with it… let the Pro’s take care of it.

If you have other questions or concerns about this topic, please contact us and we can chat with you further.

2 thoughts on “Sage FAS Asset Accounting – Data Schema Upgrades?

  1. I was reading your comments on upgrading from 2001.1 to the newest versions of FAS. So you can’t roll forward from the old to new?? Not good news!

    Also, I am trying to update our f/a ledger and writedown assets. I can’t figure out how to writedown the assets in v2001.1. I know how to dispose, but not just a writedown. Do you have any advice??

    Any help would be appreciated!!


    • Yes Tanya, that is correct. Your 2001 data will have to go through at least 5 versions in order to update your data schema for v2010.1. You have missed about 30+ system updates over the last 9 years of being off support.

      As for writing down assets (not disposing)… are you wanting to change the estimated lives or costs? If this is the case, you can just make your change and the system will ask you how far back you will want the change to take effect. The system will not however, track that history in v2001. It will however in v2010. If this is not what you are referring to, please let me know. 🙂


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