Convert To Version 2004.2 Of Sage FAS

Question of the day:

When attempting to update my company’s Sage FAS software,  I have the software installed but when I try to open the old .db file I get an error stating that the file is in the 2001 format and must be updated to the 2004.2 format.  How do I updated this file?

The answer –

When Sage Software puts out new version releases, sometimes the database schema [data tables, etc.] has been updated along with the system itself.    When this happens, you have to take your data through the major version releases and utilize the Database Conversion Utility that installs itself along with the software versions.  If however, you don’t have all the version CDs up through the current release [v2009.1.1] you will have to get assistance from Sage FAS support OR through a geeky valued-added business partner who has the Sage/Best FAS library [that would be me].

How come you don’t have all these CD’s to being with?  Reasons could be one or many of the following:

  • Your key account contact has not been updated – going to someone who no longer works there
  • You moved and Sage was not notified – so it’s going somewhere else
  • You let your SupportPlus membership lapse – shame, shame…
  • Somebody has been getting them, but not forwarding to the appropriate staff member so they can be applied

Again, in order to get passed the upgrade error, you will need to contact Sage FAS, or the FAS geek who holds the library [shoot me an email:].

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