What is a Fixed Asset Consultant?

After hosting a clothing party for about 15 of my closest gal pals over the weekend, I realized, they don’t really understand what I do. So I found myself explaining what it is I do and have done for over 10 years, plain and simple. Then it occurred to me. I bet there are a lot of people out there that are unsure of what a Fixed Asset Consultant really is.

My simple explanation of a Fixed Asset Consultant…

Q) Angie, what do you do?

A) I help companies of all sizes and industries determine the best ways to manage and track their fixed assets from start to finish.  Sometimes this requires me to write them an internal policy and procedures manual so that anyone within their company can understand the process.

Q) But Angie, what is a fixed asset?

A) A fixed asset is anything from a piece of furniture to a large piece of machinery equipment or a building, a vehicle, etc. that one uses for business and are generally put on a depreciation schedule.  Some are movable and some are not.

Q) Why is it important that your clients manage their fixed assets?

A) There are many reason’s why it’s important for companies to manage their fixed assets: theft, lower property taxes, receive write-offs on their federal taxes, have more accurate insurance coverage and know where they are actually located in case someone needs it.

Q) So are you an Accountant?

A) No, I’m not an Accountant, I only deal with fixed assets and everything about them.  Fixed Asset’s is like a niche of accounting.  It’s my only focus.

Q) Are there a lot of Fixed Asset Consultants out there?

A) No, there are only a handful that know what they are doing and do it well.  The firm I work with (and myself) work with every aspect of fixed assets.  Our term is, from cradle to grave.  Hence the reason we travel so much and why I miss out on a lot of parties. 😦

If you have any questions related to “what is a fixed asset consultant”, please feel free to leave your comment and I will do my best to keep it simple.

Crazy About Your ASSETS!  Angie.

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