Deleting an Asset Out of Sage FAS

When you delete of an asset inside Sage FAS, you are doing just that… deleting it. This means, you can never get this information back – including its history. However, you are only actually deleting the asset visually… it will still be stuck in the database backend. This means you can never utilize that system number again. This could cause some problems if you were using the system number to actually track your assets (which obviously, I don’t recommend). 

Before considering the action of deletion – perhaps you should ask yourself, “why am I wanting do delete this asset in the first place?”  Generally, there could be other actions you could take if you need to change some asset information, dispose of the asset, etc.  There is always a work around for everything in Sage FAS.  So think before you act. 

If you are unsure how to manipulate your asset in Sage FAS, shoot me an email first.  Better to be safe than sorry.

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