Sage FAS Training Options

Regardless if you are a new user, old user or a reviewer of FAS data, there are many training options available for Sage FAS Asset Accounting solutions.

Paragon Systems offers plenty of Sage FAS Asset Accounting training options.  From completely and totally customized for on-site (low cost when you have multiple users) to joining many other users for our on-going and rotating online classes — many times, instructed by yours truly [wink, wink].

Paragon Systems rotating online Sage FAS training classes are offered throughout each month.  Both basic as well as an intermediate class.  Both are two hours long and both are only $299 per person.  You can take a look at the schedule and register at:  Class agendas are available after clicking on the class of choice.

If you need something more customized, not a problem.  Paragon Systems Sage FAS Certified Trainers offer additional options so that you can get a fully customized class either online or on site.  Contact Paragon for additional information so you can take fully advantage of the Sage FAS solutions and get your questions answered by a live instructor.

Happy learning!
(877) 824-6834

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