Post Recovery Adjustments in Sage FAS

Post Recovery, the adjustment amount would be claimed in the first period after the recovery period. 

For example:  You have a fiscal year-end (FYE) of December.  You have an asset with a remaining net book value (NBV) after the end of its estimated depreciation life — i.e. ended in 10/2010 with a NBV of $250. 

If your company book settings are set to Post Recovery, you will see the $250 in the assets NBV through Q4.  However, after running depreciation in January, 2011 (01/11), FAS will true up the $250 to net to zero.  This will affect your balance sheet for Jan.  Then you can make the adjustment in your GL.

For other questions or inquiries about adjustments in Sage FAS, contact me at (877) 824-6834, email or just reply through the blog.

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