SAP Fixed Assets To Sage FAS: Live Update 6

It’s been a while since my last update on the large SAP fixed assets to Sage FAS Asset Accounting.  We had a minor set back – client induced.  However everything is moving along quite nicely with great momentum!

Two out of six companies are in the final phases – comparing ending balances between original 4562’s and FAS Asset Accounting generated 4562’s.  So far, little discrepancies are showing and in the end of the day, may turn out to be immaterial.  Once the balances are blessed (for our end), we will then move on to the largest of the 6 (over 35,000 line items). 

Soon, SAP fixed assets for federal Tax and multi-state depreciation will be a thing in the past…  And so will months and months of off-line spreadsheet finagling!  Cheers to that!

2 thoughts on “SAP Fixed Assets To Sage FAS: Live Update 6

  1. Hi Angie-
    Thanks for your blog! What are your clients doing to keep SAGE FAS updated with acquisitions, disposals, transfers, etc. I am assuming that these transactions will be done in SAP and reproduced in SAGE FAS. Would you be willing to share that?

    • Hello Heidi,

      Thanks for your inquiry! I just shot out a new update: Live Update 7.

      As for the ‘asset activity’ that happens (additions, disposals, transfers, etc.), you are correct, those would be processed at the SAP level and then brought down, updated in the import file and then back into FAS Asset Accounting.

      Typically, we work out a QUARTERLY update process and one final for Year-end. So really, we recommend this process 5 times a year.

      For this process, it’s obvious that ones policy and process workflow would have to be updated.

      I hope this helps.

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