Fixed Asset Software

Are you crazy about your assets? Ready to say goodbye to business as usual and jump into the new millennium of fixed asset management? SAGE Fixed Assets (formerly Sage FAS) is the spark that will light the fire of energy in your fixed asset management department. No longer is it necessary for you to waste your business’ precious resources with outdated spreadsheets of your fixed assets. SAGE Fixed Assets is here to meet all of your fixed asset software needs.

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Establishing the highest standards of depreciation accuracy and best practices in fixed asset management will pay off in savings and efficiency whether you are a:

  • Corporate accountant managing fixed assets to ensure compliance with SOX
  • CFO striving to optimize business efficiencies and plan capital budgets
  • Government asset manager complying with GASB 34/35 standards
  • CPA providing tax, depreciation, and auditing services to your clients
  • Nonprofit executive seeking to gain maximum leverage from already strained resources

Regardless of the size and scope of your company or the amount of assets you own, Working within your budget, SAGE Fixed Assets are specifically designed to meet your individual needs and grow with your business.

Critical ingredients for financial success which result in improving your bottom line and meeting the needs of your rapidly growing business include:

Implementing SAGE Fixed Assets will revolutionize your business’ fixed asset management. SAGE’s dedicated CPA staff works closely at the congressional level staying up to date with tax codes. Our ability to obtain the latest information on tax codes allows us to update you faster and more accurately than our competitors. SAGE Fixed Assets are not only crazy about YOUR assets, but we are passionate about saving you time and money!

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Email or Call Angie today to chat more about our solutions: (541) 221-3450.

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