Top 5 Ways To Find Money Through Fixed Assets

Wow… today the stock market crashed so big it has probably got us all thinking… where do we go from here? Which also gets me thinking — how can businesses find some cash flow so they have some “rainy day funds” (or for operating expenses) in their back pockets?  Then it dawned on me… if they manage their fixed assets properly and received detailed cost segregation studies or had a proper 3115 study done, then shoot, EVERYONE could have extra cash flow.

If you think about it, there really are many ways to capture extra cash flow through fixed assets.  From very small efforts to large.

Top 5 Ways Fixed Assets Can Capture or Re-capture Cash Flow

  1. Cost Segregation Studies – extra Tax Deductions with properly classified fixed assets.  Money is in the DETAILS, not in bulked entries everyone!  Make sure you capture your 100% bonus depreciation for 2011 – it will go away soon.
  2.  Rev Proc 2007-16 Study – 3115 assets; allows taxpayers to change their method of accounting and claim the allowable depreciation (or amortization) amount they never claimed (i.e. bonus depreciation, etc.).
  3. Physical Fixed Asset Inventories – cost savings all across the board with Property Taxes, Insurance Premiums, Financial savings impact and more.  Have you ever done one of these before?
  4. Asset Appraisals – is it really worth TODAY what it once was?  Probably not.
  5. Automated Depreciation System – if you are still stuck in spreadsheet land for calculations, believe me when I say, YES you ARE missing additional expense and bonus that you are entitled to.  I see it every time I open someones spreadsheet!  Doesn’t matter the size of the organization or spreadsheet, there is ALWAYS calculation error, sometimes in the millions.

Which industries would benefit from these services / studies?  Just about all industries, well, maybe government and non-profit wouldn’t benefit from all five, but certainly from a couple.  Industries that would uncover a ton (always in the thousands – sometimes millions) from one or all five: hospitality, data centers, banks, manufacturing, retail, healthcare to name a few.

Now I know why I love waking up every day to go to work for the past 14 years (and growing)… because everything I (and my associates) do each and everyday help people and their businesses grow.  Who doesn’t like that?  Probably the same people who don’t like furry fuzzy kittens.



Beverage Distributors Benefit from Fixed Asset Management

Paragon Systems teams with Dresser & Associates to help wholesale beverage distributors gain control of fixed assets, HR and payroll costs.

Chicago, IL and Scarborough, ME – MAY 18, 2010 – Two leading Sage Business Partners, Paragon Systems and Dresser & Associates, have formed a strategic alliance focused on the fixed asset, payroll, and human resource management needs of wholesale beverage distributors. Paragon Systems (, a Sage FAS software provider, helps companies reduce tax liability and increase cash flow through effective fixed asset management. Dresser & Associates (, a Sage Abra HRMS provider, provides human resource (HR) and payroll management systems that improve workforce productivity. By working together, the Sage Authorized Partners will combine complementary resources, technology, and industry experience to provide wholesale beverage distributors with greater control of their businesses and a significant reduction in operating costs.

Angie Bolton-Lyons of Paragon Systems explains that both firms share a client focused philosophy as well as extensive experience with wholesale beverage distributors. “Our clients tell us they feel confident working with Paragon and Dresser because they don’t have to explain how the beverage industry works – we speak their language and are like an extension of their staff. That experience provides us with tremendous momentum in helping our clients to cut costs and improve financial control in a short period of time.”

Jeff Byrnes of Dresser & Associates notes that beverage distributors often outsource HR, payroll and fixed asset management without giving it a second thought. “Our clients are rethinking that strategy once they discover all the hidden costs of outsourcing. By bringing fixed asset, HR, and payroll management in-house, beverage distributors are seeing enormous cost savings for so many things – property taxes, insurance, payroll, administrative overhead, and regulatory compliance.” Byrnes adds, “Once we’re able to sit down with a beverage distributor and calculate the return on investment, it’s an easy decision for them.”

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